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All You Need to Know About Heat Transfer Fluids
Posted By:  Betsy Casada
Thursday, March 22, 2018

A liquid or a gas that transfers heat from one component to another is called heat transfer fluid (HTF). These fluids are used in processes where cooling or heating is required to obtain and maintain a particular temperature.

The attributes that are desirable in heat transfer fluids are low viscosity when temperature is low, high thermal conductivity and specific heat, environment-friendliness, low or non-toxicity, high flash point and economical.

Process Where Heat Transfer Fluids Are Required

In plastic industry, heat transfer fluids are required for the polycondensation and polymerization of polyester, processing nylon, producing synthetic fibers and PET molding operations.

Heat transfer fluids are also important for a number of chemical manufacture processes including phthalic anhydride (PA), linear alkyl benzene (LAB), dimethyl terphthalate (DMT), plasticizers, alcohols, olefins and several other petrochemicals.

Heat transfer fluids offer several advantages in different freezing/chilling and dehumidifying/defrosting applications. Wineries, fruit processors and dairies can use these fluids to keep the products cool during processing.

In breweries, heat transfer fluids enable long-lasting, reliable and dependable performance by providing necessary refrigeration and cooling for secondary fermentation.

In pharmaceutical, heat transfer fluids that have a broad temperature range are needed as some chemical reactions require high temperature and for crystallizing final products, very low temperature must be maintained.

In gas processing operations, removing impurity is essential to prevent fatal consequences. Raw gas contains various impurities such as CO2, H2S, water and volatile organic compounds that must be removed before gas can be used in processing equipment. Heat transfer fluids are essential to maintain proper temperatures to remove the impurities from the gas.

Some other examples of processes that require heat transfer fluids are: exothermic reaction for cooling a reactor, maintaining an extreme low temperature in a wind tunnel or climatic chamber, using solar energy for making water, maintaining the temperature of ice in cold storage or an ice rink and cooling electronic devices of high power.

Why the Different Types of Heat Transfer Fluids?

Generally the heat transfer fluids are classified into three categories. These include low temperature fluids, medium temperature fluids and high temperature fluids. Normally, low temperature HTFs are used below the temperature 0°C to about -100°C. Chemistries used as low temperature HTFs are hydrocarbons, silicone oils and salt brines. Glycols like ethylene glycol, Bioglycol (1,3 propanediol) and propylene glycol are used to provide freeze protection below 0°C and can be used up to 176.6°C with a suitable additive. High temperature HTFs are used for temperatures above 176.6°C up to 350°C.

Since heat transfer fluids are important for many processes, it is vital for these fluids to be of high quality. At Kost USA, we provide top-quality heat transfer fluids for a variety of applications. Our products are sure to meet your needs.

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