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Delivery Guidelines

Download the Customer Ship To Delivery Requirements Form

Bulk Shipments

2 hours of delivery time is included (to include the amount of time for connecting and de-connecting the hosing). Thereafter, the delay time may be billed directly to your location at a rate in excess of $25.00 per quarter hour.

Standard 40 ft. of hosing is included. Additional hosing needs should be stated on your Purchase Order or at minimum communicated to your Sales Representative to insure the driver is properly equipped. Additional 20 ft. segments may be rented for $40.00 per 20 ft. section.

It is preferred that your facility connections be stated on your Purchase Order to properly insure the driver is prepared with the correct cam-lock or pipe thread fitting.

Air or gravity off loading source is assumed. Should your facility location not have an air or gravity source for off load, the carrier can off load with air or pump. An additional fee of $40 will be billed for this service.

All deliveries are scheduled for one stop at your location. Should the truck need to be moved to deliver additional product at another location on your property, the carrier may charge up to an additional $100 PLUS delay charges when applicable.

Fill point locations should have overflow containers (i.e. pails, drums) for the unforeseen circumstance of product overflow. The truck’s equipment does not include a meter, but does include a shut off valve. If your site or campus has quantity limitations they will need communicated on your Purchase Order.

We do not guarantee the driver will courtesy call an hour prior to arrival. Recent changes in many states and local municipalities banning cell phone usage for DOT certified drivers are out of our control. Should your location require a delivery appointment, please state the appointment date and time on the Purchase Order.

Truckload and Less than Truckload

Dock to Dock delivery. Your company must unload the trailer. Inside delivery fees for carrier labor may billed directly to your location in excess of $150.00 per shipment. We recommend you specify on your Purchase Order this need and we can assist with finding the best value

With all delivery modes, any overages, shortages, or damages must be denoted on the delivery receipt. Any of these exceptions that require replacement of product by KOST USA, Inc. must be reported within 24 hours of the delivery to either sales or customerservice@kostusa.com.
Dependable, Affordable Heat Transfer Products
The high performance chemicals that power the world's industries, machinery and vehicles can be difficult to fully understand, compare and evaluate.

That's why the experts at KOST USA are not only engineering the highest quality ethylene and propylene glycol solutions; they're also educating and assisting our customers in ways that are helpful and easy to understand.

Manufacturer of antifreeze/coolants, heat transfer fluids, and fire resistant hydraulic fluids.

We invite you to browse our product overviews and data sheets detailing our heat transfer products and automotive coolant and appropriate for your glycol thermal transfer system.

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