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Benefits of BioPreferred
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

At Kost USA, we’re always on the lookout for the next step forward in coolants and heat transfer fluids. And for a lot of people, that means utilizing renewable sources. Our effort to keep pace with the future of coolants and heat transfer fluids, led us to develop a biobased heat transfer fluid, BioChill. For anyone who wants to make a difference for the planet, choosing biobased products is a natural choice.


What’s different about biobased products?

Biobased products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials. They offer an alternative to nonrenewable petroleum derived products.


Our BioChill Heat Transfer Fluids are the future of heat transfer fluid solutions. These propylene, glycol-based products are manufactured from 100% renewable, biobased feedstock and are produced in a way that offers a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).


Because BioChill Heat Transfer Fluids are renewable, reduce GHG emissions and offer potential LEED innovation credits, we have earned the USDA BioPreferred designation. This designation ensures consumers that the USDA and federal government stand behind the accuracy of our label.


You can use BioChill Heat Transfer Fluids for: HVAC systems, process heating, process cooling, oil and gas applications, pharmaceutical processing, and chemical processing.


Give us a call to find out more about the products we make. We’re always happy to answer your questions and offer advice on the best products for your purposes. 

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